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Theresa Ricarda C.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

A self-taught artist and mentored writer: a 20-something from the lovely state of Pennsylvania.
Goals: Aside from College and providing for the parents and siblings, I desire to be a comparable writer and a decent artist.

Personal Quote: Adversity is a jewel we do not appreciate until we become stronger.
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Two weeks have passed since my family and I decided to go public about our dire situation concerning the outrageous injustice surrounding my father's wrongful eviction from his home since November 2015.

The amount of support has astounded us beyond words! How this community has shown such immeasurable compassion, generosity and proactive actions renders my family and I speechless.

When I visited my father and related all what everyone here has done and is doing to help us, he wept in relief and shaken to his core being so moved. My father, for the longest time, had lost faith in people.

Your actions have not only restored my father's faith that people can be capable of goodness and kindness, but also my mother's own sense of faith in people and mine as well.

Not only did and are you spread/spreading the word about my father through journal entries and reblogs on Tumblr, but also are helping us reach the news media outlets.

You also have saved our lives, essentially. Because of the strain on my father's car due to his sole residence in the vehicle thereof, our 91' car has acquired numerous damages and repairs. Our repair bills have accumulated to over 2,000 since November.

A number of saintly souls here had and are donating to aid us with the costs, since our income is $800+ a month for 3 souls.

We had no idea how we were going to survive- we had to set aside money for rent, gas, and groceries (as well as internet, as we can't fight this battle without internet).
We were even running out of groceries for simple meals (we basically eat 2 a day to stretch supplies) and for gas so my father could survive.  Sometimes, even if $5 dollar cost (like for medical co-pay) seems monumental to us. So we must live extremely austere to survive- Rent, Gas, Groceries Repairs, and internet service- we can afford nothing else.

So your help has saved us- we can pay for repairs now so we can pay for gas and groceries.

Our police, unfortunately, harass people who live in their cars, so we feared for my father's life since our police uses excessive violence on civilians- we feared if the car couldn't be repaired, this could mean death by violence for my father.

(My father, who served this county as a former peace officer -my father always uses the term "peace officer" because in his day, police were meant to keep peace- was appalled how those who are left the most vulnerable without shelter are harassed.)

By helping us with the repair costs, you have saved my father's life.

You also have helped us in various and extraordinary ways- MariposaBullet for example:

MariposaBullet and her extraordinary husband, RisingFox have also saved us from complete collapse as well through their stunning generosity! Who knew people held such generosity and agape love in their hearts?

She has selflessly and generously helped us- she has helped with news media and financial relief aid. She has even provided us with properly insulated tupperware and Tumbler so my father can have adequately heated and cold food and liquid to survive.

EDIT: MariposaBullet's Generous Gift of the Tupperware Set Arrived today!:

Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk   Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk

Untitled by Classically-DePunk

In fact today, we just received the Tumbler!

Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk  Untitled by Classically-DePunk

No one has ever helped us as you have, MariposaBullet! Thank you. No one, since we lost the farm (aside from two friends who have long left the area, sadly) has never given us anything, not even a simple kind greeting or advice.

Of course, we  did/do not demand or expect any monetary or material aid, whatsoever. We work hard for what we earn. Sadly, sometimes our diligence produces nothing and we terrified how we can survive. In a small town, if one doesn't pay, it could mean dire consequences.

Had we the means to escape this, we would never have even entertained the idea of asking others to help us.

We only asked for advice- but instead- many gave much more, far more than only advice! :faint:

We have been alone, absolutely alone, until fate blessed us to meet you, :devmariposabullet) and the awesome angels that are here on dA, such charcoalfeather who has been instrumental in helping bring my father and for changing my life for the best. Charcoalfeather is our honorary angel who has saved our family.

 We have no idea how to thank you all fully and justly.

Our town, rife with corruption and general apathy from its authorities and others in town, can offer my father nothing to help him, since the authorities wrongfully sullied his name and reputation, no one will rent to him. So we had no choice but to turn to the online community to aid us.

We have no friends and family. We are unable to seek out means of employment to assuage our situation due to transportation and government red-tape, or else we never would have imagined asking the online community to raise awareness of my father's dire plight.

However, I stand corrected- we DO have friends- friends in all of you here on dA!

We still have a ways to go before my father can return home, where he can be safe and receive proper treatment for his health. We still need to petition the Courts and show them their wrongful decision is denying an innocent man justice and killing an upstanding senior citizen.

We likewise had our share of trolls and hostile detractors.

Sadly, some in our town are very anti-poverty and are decidedly hostile to people seeking justice. We faced false accusations of our pursuit of justice. However, with grace, we disarmed this detractors, and thanks to many of you, you also helped fend off the "wolves" from us as well.

What you all have done continues to astonish my family and I. When we initially shared, we assumed no one would hear or care. We felt, essentially, doomed to apathy and oblivion, and remaining with no one to aid with advice.

We had not sought financial aid, we only sought advice on reaching the news media, as we exhausted all legal fronts because our system is corrupt and denies people justice.

However, all you went beyond mere advice- you have saved us from total devastation, financially and morale-wise.

What greater irony- people we knew have ignored us because homeless is an ugly subject; people we served for many years shunned and condemned us in haze of hateful accusations and apathy- versus people we only met through this exceptional community- who have shown us love and stunningly generous aid as though we were their own family!

We are all eternally and immeasurably grateful- we vow we will repay each and everyone one of you when my father is returned home and we can finally have finances in stable saving.

Please know we consider each and every one of you here are our family. You all are our family!

You all are in our lives, our thoughts, prayers and hearts. We love you all like our own family! You are a family to us!

Thank you!

We are fighting still, and if you can help spread the word and help my father's situation and injustice reach the news media, we are grateful beyond words.

If the sky were parchment and the sea ink, it would not suffice to write on the depth of gratitude we hold towards each and every one of you here!

Thank you! Thank you all so much!

  • Listening to: Kino: Live
  • Reading: War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
  • Watching: Star Wars: Clone Wars (Animated series 2003)
  • Playing: ??
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water


In honor of the 26 Post-Mortem date of Tsoi's death,
here is a selection of tributes:
White Crow is now officially lifted from its hiatus status!
Due to severe creative impediments and writer's block, White Crow's development was suspended in late May.
It is now being revised with the below-mentioned alterations.

Several Major Changes to White Crow, As of 8/6/2016:
  • Dyusha's diminutive, according to ascertaining historically logical period diminutives employed at the series's set time, is grossly incorrect. Dyusha appears to be a relatively new diminutive favored by the more urban, bohemian crowd. As of such, his name will simply addressed as Andrei. Some names in Russian are not addressable with a diminutive, as none exist for said names. Hence appears the case with Andrei's name. He will be addressed as only Andrei after his second baptism at age 14.
  • Konstantin will remain in his clerical occupation and position. However, due to his economic-social position, he employs the majority of his time as a horse breeder and herder- only "donning on the cloth" when his ecclesiastical services are required- such as baptisms, weddings, funerals and holiday services. 
  • The main deuteragonist, Dunya, will be completely eliminated from this series and its according canon. Dunya will be replaced with an entirely new character with a brand-new narrative- Aysun (actual name: Anastasie).
  • Aysun/Anastasie's own contribution and narrative greatly alters the original plot of the Turkish Captivity and War Arc of 1787-1794. Her character likewise will effect and determine the series's later arcs.
  • Ganya (Gavriil) will be appearing earlier, immediately when Andrei begins his new life with Konstantin on the horse farm. Ganya will be the son of Konstantin's neighbor. As a result, Andrei's and Ganya's friendship commences at the mutually shared age of 13.
  • The series will be narrated in several connected arcs in sequential order(think on the order of Bleach) :
  1. Enkhtuya and Larin's Courtship and Marriage
  2. Kolya(Andrei)'s Boyhood as a Serf and Village Life
  3. The Village's New Church and Fr. Timofei's Demise
  4. Kolya's Trial
  5. Life with Konstantin
  6. Enter the Cossacks- Sydorenko
  7. Turkish War and Captivity
  8. Exit Ganya, Enter Aysun
  9. The New Life of Marriage
  10. Kostya's and Vera's Demise-Aysun's Sickness
  11. Austerlitz
  12. Larin's Revenge-Enter the Limbo Realm
  13. Beginning Anew
  14. 1812
  15. The Cossack's Soul

My family and I have posted a video, better demonstrating the homeless situation with my father.

In the first part is myself, preparing breakfast to visit my father. The second part is my father explaining his situation.
The third part is my mother pleading and explaining the corruption in the county.
It's official!

White Crow is now officially released, commencing with Dyusha newly revised biography and design concept!
Dyusha (Official, yes OFFICIAL) Design-Single Face by Classically-DePunkThis is a red-letter day (no pun intended) for me, as well as for the characters and all the supporters of this series!

Thank you! Thank you, each and every one of you who supported and counseled me through these past months of major revision and revamping!

It was a trying metamorphosis, but we finally achieved in realizing the actual characters and storyline!

This is indeed a memorable day for all involved in White Crow!
Major Announcement for Three White Crows-
Drastic revisions to this series are as follows:

  • Three White Crows will be changed to the title, White Crow, signifying the shift of the story's focus on the central character and viewpoint narrated from, Dyusha (being the titular White Crow).
  • The character Radya will be relegated to a minor role, only appearing as a significant role in the first chapters concerning Dyusha's serfhood childhood. Radya's involvement in earlier proposed plot concepts will be discarded. This is due to Radya's role impeding the story's development and confusing Dyusha's relationship dynamics in his martial career.
  • Dunya will remain a major character, as earlier announced. However, minor changes will be instated, such as her struggle with faith. Character redesigns maybe implemented in future depictions.
  • Dyusha's character will undergo a noticeable revision. (Particularly resembling V. Tsoi more so in terms of mien and having something of very slightly wavy hair. Not the wisps quite per se like Vitya's 80's glory, but not the flat straight style originally shown in earlier designs. Facial shape will be more tapered, jawline defined sharper, brows emphasized like Vitya's features.)
  • Speaking of character designs, Larin is now in need of a Face Claim. His previous Face Claim, Mikhail Baryshnikov was deemed unsuitable due to Misha's mien and overall form lacking the cold and soulless malice Larin embodies. (Baryshnikov, incidentally speaking, is now Zimmer's human form Face Claim in the other series, After That, Comes This.) If anyone can suggest a fitting Face Claim for Larin, please comment- Preferably a Russian figure of the Muscovy or Kievan model who has features that suggest he could be related (or fathered) to V. Tsoi. (Also, if said figure can exude mien like Vicious from Cowboy Bebop, this would also be a plus.)
  • The series's focus will also shift to Dyusha's relationships with his CO Sydorenko, his comrade Ganya, and his peer Bata.
  • Other revisions- Due to ensuring more historical accuracy, Dyusha's rank and placement will be changed if research can ascertain, to being solely in the Kalmyk Cossack divisions, in a more realistic rank of Second Lieutenant (Cossack equivalent: Khorunschi)and not the main Russian Cavalry with the rank of Major as previously stated.
  • Later chapters will also focus more on Dyusha and Dunya's life of farming and family.
  • New art style will feature monochromatic coloring, ink lineart, and a style evoking Bleach and Cowboy Bebop with hints of Street Art.
  • Some scenes will feature titles and allegorize lyrics from rock songs by bands such Kino and The Killers.

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